New Holland vs John Deere


PowerStar™ T4.75 Advantages
versus John Deere 5075E


Why is the Deere 5075E no match for the PowerStarT4.75? Simple! The PowerStarcan take on larger tasks with more standard comfort, so THERE SIMPLY IS NO COMPARISON.

PowerStar T4.75

John Deere 5075E

VisionView™ Cab
  • Superior visibility –curved arc windshield
  • High visibility panel option
  • Command Arc console with ergonomically positioned controls along a curved arc
  • True Flat-Deck platform with plenty of operator leg room
  • Radio as standard equipment for all cabs
  • Deluxe Cab comes standard with:
    • Full-size, spring loaded, fabric cushioned instructor seat
    • Two entry doors
    • Rear view mirrors
    • Rear wiper/washer
    • Horn
  • Reduced visibility with flat upper windshield
  • NO high visibility panel option
  • Linear control organization with smaller square control box below the arm rest
  • Semi-straddle platform with reduced operator leg room
  • Cab comes radio ready
  • Cab comes standard with:
    • NO instructor seat
      • Dealer installed small, mechanical, rubber padded instructor seat
    • ONE entry door
    • NO Rear view mirrors
    • NO Rear wiper/washer
    • NO horn
  • MORE usable PTO HP –65 PTO HP
  • PM Catalyst with NO cleaning/replacement interval
  • LARGER 4 cylinder engine
  • LOWER 540/540e PTO engine speed
    • 540 rpm at 1,958 engine rpm
    • 540e rpm at 1,592 engine rpm
  • LONGER service interval –600 hours
  • LESS PTO hp–57.6 PTO HP
  • Diesel Particulate Filter with 3,000 hour cleaning/replacement interval
  • SMALLER 3 cylinder engine
  • HIGHER 540/540e PTO engine speed
    • 540 rpm at 2,100 engine rpm
    • 540e rpm at 1,600 engine rpm
  • SHORTER service interval –300 hours
  • Multiple transmission options
    • 8x8 mechanical or power shuttle
    • 12x12 mechanical or power shuttle
  • 2WD front axle available on all configurations
  • Electronically engaged MFWD front axle
    • MFWD engagement when depressing both brake pedals for additional safety
  • Multiple tire options
    • Radial & Bias ply
    • Up to 16.9x30 rear tire size
  • 2 transmission options
    • 9x3 SyncShuttle™ shuttle (ROPS ONLY)
    • 12x12 PowrReverser™ (MFWD ONLY)
  • 2WD front axle ONLY on open station ROPS
  • Mechanical MFWD front axle
    • NO MFWD engagement when depressing both brake pedals
  • Limited tire options
    • Bias ply ONLY
    • Up to 16.9x28 rear tire size
Hydraulics & Hitch
  • Large dual hydraulic pump system
    • 12.5 gpmimplement pump
    • 7.3/9.5 gpmsteering & services pump
  • Large 3 point hitch lift capacity –3,664 lbs
  • Optional rear hitch controls:
    • Lift-O-Matic™ Plus rear hitch control for quick & easy hitch adjustment from the operators seat
    • External fender mounted 3 point hitch control
Hydraulics & Hitch
  • SMALLER dual hydraulic pump system
    • 11.4 gpmimplement pump
    • 6.8 gpmsteering pump
  • SMALLER 3 point hitch capacity –3,192 lbs
  • NO quick/easy hitch control or external hitch control

PowerStar T4.75

JohnDeere 5075E


Gross HP / PTO HP74 / 6575 / 57.6
# cylinders43
Displacement (cu. in.)207179
Emission levelTier 4Tier 4
Emission componentsDOC + PM CatDOC + DPF

Choice 18x8 Mechanical shuttle or Power shuttle9x3 SyncShuttle (ROPS ONLY)
Choice 212x12 Mechanical shuttle or Power shuttle12x12 PowrReverser (MFWD ONLY)

Total pump flow (gpm)19.8 (mechanical shuttle) / 22.0 power shuttle18.2
3 pt. lift capacity (lbs)3,6643,192
Operator Environment

Cab VersionDeluxe CabCab
Platform typeFlat deckSemi straddle
ControlsCommand ArcLinear arrangement
DoorsLeft and right hand standardLeft hand standard, Right hand dealer installed
RadioStandard -factory InstalledOptional -dealer installed
Instructor SeatStandard -factory InstalledOptional -dealer installed